Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Tidings: Phase 2

"I am awake, I am ready to get up," explained a client of mine.  He questioned, "Why is it so dark outside?"  Not knowing that it was 4 o'clock in the morning, I reoriented my client in making him aware that it was early in the morning.  I was more than willing to get up with him if he wished, but he decided to go back to sleep.  Instances such as this becomes more and more prominent as a patient progresses through the second phase of disorientation in Alzheimer's disease.  Phase 2, time confused, brings about loss of cognitive abilities and "time travels" between past and present. Though, the patient responds to touch and warm eye contact, and they know who is genuine. 

It is important to remain calm in every situation, for Alzheimer's patients feed off of a caregiver's energy and attitude.  There are many reliable sources in which support and enable us as caregivers to cope effectively when caring for a disoriented loved one.  If is crucial to communicate with everyone who has contact with an Alzheimer's patient.  Being able to have meetings and also getting away for a bit to free your mind are essential for healthy caregivers. 

Is there someone you know who is time confused with Alzheimer's?  Do you or loved ones take the imperative time to communicate?  Do you need assistance in organizing your thoughts and actions to better be prepared for this journey?  I wait patiently for your responses. :)

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